Benefits of using Embedded Investing for businesses

Shaily Shah
November 22, 2022
800 Mins
Benefits of using Embedded Investing for businesses

With embedded infrastructure for mutual funds and other investments, businesses can integrate investment products such as mutual funds through mutual fund APIs on their existing platform in a quick and efficient way. Embedded infrastructure for investing allows building native UI/UX experiences and users can invest without leaving the platform.

With this white labelled and API integration solution for investing, fintechs and consumer-facing businesses can provide investment options such as Mutual funds, Deposits, Gold/silver, Alternative investments, and equities. Embedded investing infrastructure in the form of API solutions lets the companies expand their product offerings in a quick and cost-efficient manner and lets them focus on their core competencies. 

Let’s look at the advantages of embedded infrastructure for investing: 

Cost efficient 

Integrating embedded investing services like mutual fund and equity investments through tarrakki’s rich fintech library of mutual fund API solutions (it can also be a white label solution so your business can act as a mutual fund provider or the provider of other investment products), can be very cost-efficient as there is no need to set up an in-house team of experts to launch investment products from scratch. 

Businesses using embedded investing as a service do not have to build a technology stack. tarrakki who provides embedded investing does all the heavy lifting for you by providing you the technology stack for the investment product that you are looking to launch. Again, even this helps to save up on a big cost and time. 

tarrakki’s white labeled solution provides pre-built screens and user investment journeys which can save a lot of time, effort and cost in building UI/UX and user investment journeys from scratch. 

Also, compliance costs are reduced with embedded investing. 

Enhancement in customer experience 

Companies can give access to customers to use various offerings on one single platform. Users do not have to leave the platform to use the investing feature. 

Embedding investing alongside other existing features on your platform develops customer stickiness and helps to get new customers on your platform and aids in increasing the active user base.

Opportunity to cross-sell and build a new revenue stream

Companies embedding investment products on their platform have an opportunity to cross-sell investment products to their customers and bring in a new customer base which in turn can generate a new revenue stream for those companies. 

Quick go-to-market

If your company is planning to launch wealth products on your platform then with the help of embedded infrastructure get the benefit of quickly going to the market with the launch of investment products. This can save a lot of time and effort for your company. tarrakki does all the heavy lifting for your company which lets you focus on your core competencies. 

tarrakki is your go-to provider for fintech APIs to launch a mutual fund investment platform, and fintech tech-stacks for providing other financial services to your customers. 

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