The WealthTech Club Can Unlock Fixed Deposits Faster With White Labelling

Shaily Shah
December 1, 2023
800 Mins
The WealthTech Club Can Unlock Fixed Deposits Faster With White Labelling

Fixed deposits remain among the most popular savings instruments for millions of retail investors due to higher assured interest payouts compared to savings accounts. Yet aspects like sourcing, settlements, interest calculations and other operational factors make building proprietary fixed deposit offerings time-intensive for fintech platforms.

This is where white labelling partnerships with established fixed deposit providers bring an agility advantage to wealth management companies through APIs. By integrating with such platforms, nimble wealth managers and fintechs can rapidly offer their own branded fixed deposits across tenures to customers without elongated product development cycles.

Advantages Of White Labelled Fixed Deposits

Some major advantages of white labelled fixed deposits include:

  • Faster Go-to-Market: Avoid long technology buildouts to swiftly launch a variety of FD offerings.
  • Compliance Cover: Leverage partners’ regulatory licenses instead of awaiting complex application approvals.
  • Enhanced CX: Inbuilt connections into banking and payments infrastructure enable seamless user experience.
  • Scalability: Support for increasing demand and scale provided by experienced FD partners.
  • Cost Efficiency: Steers clear of huge expenses needed to build capabilities like payouts fully in-house.

White labelled FD capabilities can be customized to a wealth management or a fintech to specific customer segments, brand positioning and pricing needs. The licensed partner handles integration complexity, documentation, KYC, renewals and payouts while the fintech onboards stable liabilities easily to fund expansion.

As innovation cycles rapidly shorten within competitive fintech markets, tapping into agile white label FD offerings can help platforms quickly embed customizable fixed deposit capabilities into their apps for higher engagement.

This further powers the ability to offer attractive assured returns to digitally savvy investors who are drawn to platforms providing fixed income investment opportunities alongside other wealth management products.

For instance, instead of complex technology development, collaboration with an FD white labeled provider can help a wealth management platform unveil its own fully branded FD product in just over a month.

The partner handles API integration, compliance, rate structuring, interest payouts, premature withdrawals, nominations and other aspects so wealth managers can simply onboards the new offering to delight customers.

In closing, as the pace of iteration accelerates amid fintech disruption, strategic white labelling partnerships help compress time-to-market for consumer digital platforms aiming to enhance their savings solutions suite. Unlocking regulatory fixed deposits faster unlocks more embedded finance opportunities.

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