Careers at Tarrakki

We’re building an app to help India invest,
Here’s an invite to put your skills to the test.
We’ll be selling mutual funds, Advising on equities,
The stage is nearly set, And we need employees.
If you’ve got the skills, And the right mindset
We’ll take you on our team, You’ll be an asset.
Invest your effort, put your degree to use,
If you lack experience, we won’t refuse.
We’re trying to separate the bulls from the bears If you show promise,
We’ll even give you some shares.
Take your time, consider this appeal,
If you like our offer, we’ll have us a deal.
Give us a call, send in your CV,
We’ll invite you for coffee, if we like what we see.

Job Openings



Full time

Joining a start-up in the wealth-tech space is a very interesting way to keep yourself motivated and inspired to create wealth for yourself, and the business.

We’re looking for someone who really knows the ins and outs of digital marketing. We’re talking Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course Google Ads.

We want to reach out to the huge untapped investor base in India that is either already investing, or might be open to the idea of starting investments. The most intelligent way to get this done is by going digital and measuring the outcome of every communication.

Tarrakki is a joy to showcase everywhere because of all its amazing features, intuitive UX design, and its numerous benefits for new and seasoned investors to achieve their financial goals. 


What You’ll Be Doing:

  • A lot of interesting things that involve using your creativity, understanding of consumer behaviour, and ideation skills with a certain amount of accountability.
  • Designing campaign plans, social media posting plans, and automated email marketing loops.
  • Coordinating with our in-house Graphic Designer to make creatives for Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Ads, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Setting up weekly campaigns across all active social media and digital marketing platforms.
  • Recording and analysing results of advertisements run based on appropriate demographic, psychographic, and geographic targeting and segmentation.
  • Making appropriate strategic alterations for marketing optimisation as and when required.
  • Assisting with Marketing budget allocation.
  • Regular posting on social media, and social media page management.
  • Ensuring all communications are always on-brand.


Skills You’ll Need:

  • In-depth know how of various social media platforms
  • Ability to read and understand ad analytics
  • A basic understanding of how their reach algorithms work
  • Ability and willingness to proactively keep your knowledge fresh
  • An understanding of the Indian market pulse
  • Ability to grab onto ongoing trends and capitalise on them
  • Ability to provide appropriate captions and copy for all posts and advertisements


What You Will Not Be Doing:

  • Making phone calls to customers or prospective customers
  • Getting stressed about targets
  • Worrying about conversions/making sales