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Nippon India Liquid Fund Growth

Nippon India Liquid Fund Summary

Established on 09th December, 2003, this is an open-ended liquid scheme. The investment objective of the scheme is to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of risk and high liquidity by investing in debt and money market instruments. The Nippon India Liquid Fund will focus on reasonable carry with a view to maximize returns while ensuring adequate liquidity through investments in various money markets and debt instruments with maturity up to 91 days. The endeavor will be to maintain average maturity of the portfolio in the range of 40 – 70 days under normal market conditions.

Portfolio Diversification (as on 30th June 2020)

Assets Allocation
Commercial Paper51.22%
Treasury Bill29.29%
Cash management Bills15.88%
Certificate of Deposit4.62%
Floating Rate Note0.98%
Corporate Bond0.54%
Zero Coupon Bond0.21%
Cash & Other Receivables-2.75%

Top 10 Holding (as on 30th June 2020)

Reserve Bank of India 84-D 20/08/2020T-Bill15.88%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 17/09/2020T-Bill10.55%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 03/09/2020T-Bill  5.23%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 09/07/2020T-Bill  3.76%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 27/08/2020T-Bill  3.25%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 13/08/2020T-Bill  2.91%
Hindustan Zinc 89-D 10/08/2020CP  2.44%
NTPC 91-D 31/08/2020CP  2.14%
Reliance Industries 91-D 14/09/2020CP  2.27%
Reserve Bank of India 91-D 10/09/2020T-Bill  2.14%

Nippon Liquid Fund performance

Performance (As on 30th June, 2020)

 Period Fund Return Benchmark Return
 1 Y5.64%5.81%
 3 Y 6.70% 6.81%
 5 Y 7.02% 7.03%
 Since Inception 7.29% 6.94%

Scheme Strategy

  • The Nippon Liquid Fund management team will endeavor to maintain a consistent performance in the scheme by maintaining a balance between safety, liquidity and profitability aspects of various investments. Also, an active view on interest rate movement has been adhered.
  • The fund manager will try to achieve an optimal risk return balance for management of the fixed income portfolios.
  • The risk of debt instruments is minimized by diversification and effective use of hedging techniques.
  • Investment decision is taken considering the current interest rate, quality, maturity, liquidity and growth prospects.

NIMF Growth Fund Management

The fund has been managed by Anju Chhajer since October 2013. She is a graduate in B.Com (H) & Chartered Accountant. She holds over 23 years of experience and manages 8 open-ended schemes of Nippon India Mutual Fund.

Important Measures (As on 30th June, 2020)

Average Maturity54 Days
Modified Duration52 Days
Yield to Maturity3.57%

Benchmark Index: Crisil Liquid Fund Index

Net AUM:₹ 30,603.65 crores (As on 30th June, 2020)

Option Available: Growth Option and Dividend Option (Payout & Re-investment)

Expense Ratio:
Regular PlanDirect Plan
Entry Load: NA

Exit Load:[1] 

Investor exit upon subscription Exit Load as % of redemption / switchout amount (including systematic transactions)
Up to Day 1 0.0070%
Day 2 0.0065%
Day 3 0.0060%
Day 4 0.0055%
Day 5 0.0050%
Day6 0.0045%
Day7 onwards 0.0000%

NAV (in Rs)[2] *As per fund fact sheet 30th June, 2020

Growth Option:

Direct PlanRetail Plan

Investment Risk: Low

Minimum Application Amount: ₹ 100

Scheme suitable only if you are an investor-

  1. Who require income over the short term.
  2. Whose preference is debt and money market instruments.

Tarrakki’s View

Tarrakki recommends this fund to the investors who are seeking conservative returns with safety. It is suitable for investors who want to generate income in the short term and park money for higher returns than bank savings accounts. This fund also has an option to apply for a Nippon Anytime Money card. This card enables you to use the money you have invested, should you want to. You can link this card to your online shopping account, use it for Uber/Ola rides and even book movie tickets online. This fund has very flexible redemption options making it the most attractive fund in short term debt/liquid funds.

About NIMF

Nippon India Mutual Fund (NIMF) is one of India’s leading mutual funds, with Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) of Rs 204883.7169 Crores​​ ​(Jan 2020 – Mar 2020 QAAUM), 88.99 lakhs folios (as on​ March 31, 2020​​) and. Having presence in 300 cities (as on March 31, 2019)

Address: 4th Floor, Tower A, Peninsula Business Park, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai – 400 013​

Phone No: 1860 266 0111

Email ID:


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