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Importance of an Emergency Fund by Mr. Arun Sundaresan

Watch this YouTube video on the importance of an emergency fund explained by Mr. Arun Sundaresan, Co-fund Manager & Head-Product Management at Nippon India Mutual Fund. 

Summary – Importance of Emergency Fund

  • During this pandemic, one most important things we have realized is that everyone should have is an emergency fund.
  • Emergency fund is an amount needed for unforeseen expenses. Regardless of the fact that one has insurance.
  • In case of an emergency, one should have money to fall back on. 
  • Money should be available whenever needed, so it should be invested in highly liquid assets.
  • At least 3 months of your household expenses can be parked in liquid money market funds.
  • Nippon provides a feature called anytime money card. This card works as your bank debit card. Can be used anywhere. Like a bank account you have your Mutual fund account.
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