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How is the Tarrakki App Different from Other Investment Apps?

Yes, there are several mutual fund investment apps out there; and at the outset, Tarrakki might appear like any other app that’s already there.
But, that’s only till you download it!

At Tarrakki, our idea has never been to reinvent the wheel, or to offer up to you something you already have. The idea that spurred us on to build the Tarrakki app, was to seriously make investing an enjoyable, engaging, and easy experience.

Tarrakki is not just a mutual fund investment app. Sure, that’s what we’re starting out with, because as they say — you’ve got to take that first step if you want to build something great.

#Comprehensive Wealth Management: The Tarrakki app is designed to become a one-stop, comprehensive, wealth management app that enables you to invest in various different asset classes, including of course, mutual funds and equities.

By the time we’re done incorporating all our amazing offerings into the App, users will be able to manage their finances from one place, very securely and conveniently.

#Easy to Use (It Really Is): Everyone claims to be user friendly, but most investment apps out there have chaotic User Interfaces, complicated recommendation engines that leave investors confused, and unnecessary jargon sprinkled here and there.

We have designed Tarrakki to be easy for new investors, and even easier for seasoned investors. You literally have thousands of mutual funds to select from, if you wish to do it all by yourself. Alternatively, if you’re new to investing, Tarrakki will recommend precise mutual funds to you, based on your risk profile.

#Enjoyable and Engaging: Most of us just assume that investing is boring, tedious, and time consuming. But it really isn’t! Investing can and should be an enjoyable experience. If you don’t enjoy investing your money, you’ll very likely make hasty decisions.

The Tarrakki App has been designed by UI/UX wizards to create a supremely enjoyable investing experience, with a simple understanding in mind: The more engaging an app is, the more time you’re likely to want to spend on it. Naturally then, you won’t make hasty decisions.

Tarrakki is the kind of app which you’ll want to access every evening after work, and browse through, to check your portfolio value and monitor your net worth.

#Blogs Like These: The more you learn about investing, the better decisions you take. In fact, you’ll see that once you start investing, you’ll naturally want to find out more about various financial instruments and investment options available to you.

You’ll find yourself wanting to know more about how to retire rich, how to retire early, how to save for emergencies, how to plan your taxes, and how to achieve financial life goals such as owning a home, buying a vehicle, planning regular holidays, and saving up for your children’s education.

The Tarrakki App is designed to be replete with great articles, info graphics, and videos that will help you become a pro at managing your finances.

The Tarrakki App is innately different from other similar-looking apps out there for all the above reasons; and more so, because it is born out of the understanding that every one can get rich if they just make the right investment decisions.

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