Empowering Fintech Innovation: Customized White Label Mutual Funds Solutions

Rishika Sharma
November 26, 2023
800 Mins
Empowering Fintech Innovation: Customized White Label Mutual Funds Solutions

As a fintech startup, offering mutual funds can help you diversify revenue streams while providing value to customers. However, building in-house capabilities around regulatory compliance, investment operations and technology can be an uphill task loaded with complexity. This is where our white label asset management solution comes in handy.

By leveraging our regulatory licenses and proven investment infrastructure, you can swiftly launch customized mutual funds under your own brand – saving enormous effort and costs. We handle the entire backend compliance and operations framework spanning fund administration, custody, registrations, statements, reconciliations and more.

Customized White Label Mutual Funds Solutions

This means you avoid resource-intensive buildouts while ensuring compliance with stringent norms around KYC, AML, fund marketing and investor disclosures. Our industrial-grade platforms incorporate straight-through processing for transactions like purchases, redemptions and switches to optimize efficiency.

Additionally, by housing payments, clearing and settlements in-house, we minimize integration complexity with external payment systems. Our teams undertake reconciliations to provide consolidated reporting, helping you oversee operations efficiently.

Our well-documented APIs allow rapid integration with your mobile/web applications to enable a seamless mutual funds investment experience. This includes online account opening, fund transfers, portfolio management and more.

In essence, our white label solution offers you a ready investment infrastructure encompassing compliance, investment management, operations and technology. This allows you to swiftly augment services with your own branded mutual funds, capturing market opportunities faster.

The Advantages of White Label Solutions

  • Speed to market: Launch diverse mutual fund offerings under your brand rapidly
  • Regulatory compliance: Lean on our licenses and sectoral experience
  • Cost efficiency: Avoid building expensive investment management capabilities in-house
  • Enhanced CX: Embed investing seamlessly into your platform through our APIs

By providing specialized capabilities around investments and operations, we empower you to dedicate focus towards platform innovations, marketing and acquiring customers. Combining our domain expertise with your digital solutions, we can offer retail investors modern, technology-powered investing experiences under your trusted brand

In conclusion, our white label solution empowers you with a turnkey mutual funds infrastructure, providing an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into your financial services offering. Embrace the future of financial services with our comprehensive white label solution, where innovation and efficiency converge for a seamless mutual funds experience.

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