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Tarrakki Top 10 funds to invest – Axis Focused 25 Fund

We have created a list of Tarrakki top 10 funds to invest. Each fund has a different investment strategy, and you can choose a fund that suits you the best.

Today’s fund falls under the focused fund category. A focused fund is a mutual fund that holds a only relatively small variety of stocks or bonds that are similar along some dimension.Focused funds tend to hold positions in roughly 20-30 companies or less, unlike many funds which hold positions well more than 100 companies.

Fund 3 out of 10

Todays Fund is – Axis focused 25 Fund

Recommended Investment Duration – 5 years or more

Risk – Moderately High 

Suitable for long term goals

Minimum Investment Amount
Lumpsum – Rs 5,000
SIP – Rs 1,000

Fund Size – Rs 8,383 Cr

Tarrakki list of top 10 funds to invest.

1. UTI Nifty Index Fund
2. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund
3. Axis focused 25 Fund
4. Coming Soon
5. Coming Soon
6. Coming Soon
7. Coming Soon
8. Coming Soon
9. Coming Soon
10. Coming Soon

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